Finger Lakes International Soccer Club

Where Greatness Begins

Some of these videos require you to click on the link that appears  when you click the Play arrow (select "Watch on YouTube").

In all these videos, "Eyes Up" allows these players to put the ball where others can't get it. Also note: it is the movement of the body, not the ball, that generates the most effective "fakes" in a real game. Still, freestyle tricks are fun to watch, especially against players who don't know how to defend properly (i.e., they are watching/marking just the ball instead of his body  AND the ball).

The videos here show the greatest players in the world at this time. Notice that they all demonstrate "Eyes Up" play with the ball. You will not see their head repeatedly dropping to look at the ball. This demonstrates the use of "peripheral vision": i.e., watching the field of view at all times, ​​NEVER just the ball. This is also what gives them their exquisite "touch" on the ball, because the less you look at the ball, the better you feel it.  The "Old Guy" below completely covers his eyes at one point, and can still keep the ball away from 2 defenders.